What is business coaching?

My Basis

The basis of my coaching is to identify and build on your existing strengths, and to work out how to address your weaknesses by applying the strengths you already have. To find out why strengths matter and take a free test.

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My Strengths

My top three strengths are creativity, humour, and fairness, and I enjoy using them every day.


I have been inspired, amused, and informed by the practical and positive approach to coaching and work psychology of the following people.

Check out their work.

Nancy Kline (the thinker)
Carol Kauffman (no-nonsense)
Adam Grant (the funny guy)
Brene Brown (from the heart)
Tim Gallwey (Self 2)
Marcus Buckingham (strengths man)


  • Being self-confidence, being fully engaged and present
  • Discovering the power of an inclusive culture
  • Discovering which of your assumptions are boxing you in
  • Having more fun at work