The basis of my coaching is to

identify and build on your existing strengths


Through the coaching process of assessments, discussion, and exploration, coachees develop a picture of how changes in their style, behaviour, skills, and focus can make a big impact. Practical outputs from this coaching can be a successful 100-day plan for a new leader, a business development plan for a new partner in professional services, or addressing a team performance issue successfully. In all cases, it provides the coachee with a safe environment where they can experiment, get feedback, and quickly build confidence in themselves.


I provide advice and act as a sounding board to Private Equity, SME, and PLC businesses on strategy, acquisition planning, and business transformation. Working with strategy directors, operating partners, and investment professionals, I provide industry-specific expertise that helps them make better decisions and identify opportunities others might not see.

Pro Bono Coaching

I work with female and minority entrepreneurs and developing leaders across all sectors on a pro bono basis. It is a small way to give back and provides me with a clear picture of the challenges we face in developing a truly inclusive work culture. If you think this could help you, drop me an email.


When a project needs more resources, I work with a network of trusted coaches and leadership professionals. This allows us to get the right match for the client wherever they may be on their journey.