Delivering sustainable results for individuals and teams through coaching and advisory work

Blending 25 years of global business leadership with a passion for coaching

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Experienced leader
in global growth and transformation

I have been fortunate enough to live and work around the world for the past 25 years, in the US, China, Germany, and Belgium, before returning to my native Scotland in 2018. I have led global companies to grow and transform, embracing the diversity that comes with being global and turning that into business results.

I have my feet firmly on the ground and I am equally comfortable running a plant briefing in India or presenting at a capital markets day hosted at Goldman Sachs.

My Ideas

As a CEO I have gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that come with leading a global business. The common denominator is people, and I was amazed time and time again by the depth of talent that this diverse world has to offer.

I am particularly interested in how a culture of inclusivity can set the stage for business success, and how unconscious bias can be an unseen roadblock to making progress on inclusion in the workplace.